WIP CEU Webinar Series Merging Financial Planning and Work Incentive Counseling: A Live Case Study


The last few years have seen a trend to incorporate some financial planning into work incentive counseling. In truth, though, the reverse should be true: we should include work incentive counseling as a component of financial planning. Financial planning is the horse; work incentive counseling is the cart.

If the idea of seemingly turning your profession on its head makes you panic, then relax. You can learn some strategies to provide basic financial planning, with work incentive counseling as its handmaiden. And the best way to learn these techniques is with a real person.

This training features a “live case study” – a real individual whose personal story and goals will create the context to learn how to integrate financial planning and work incentive counseling. We’ll be working with a transition-aged youth who envisions their future, complete with an advancing career and increasingly desirable housing. The individual will plot a path to pursue their goals, using budgets to match their income and savings with their choice of homes over time. They will consider some key features of financial planning, such as banking, budgeting, getting free tax preparation, saving (with the help of an ABLE account), and borrowing/homeownership programs. Of course, work incentives counseling will be woven throughout, as the individual progresses from receiving SSI and using related work incentives, to earning enough work credits to qualify for SSDI (and to use its work incentives), protecting medical benefits, etc.