WIP CEU Webinar Series Winding Down Pandemic Provisions for Public Benefits: After the Party’s Over


The COVID 19 pandemic has produced even more federal laws and changes to public benefits than it has viral variants. In September of 2021, YTI hosted a webinar on the status of public benefit improvements resulting from the American Rescue Plan Act and several previous federal statutes. Since then, some benefit provisions have ended, including special pandemic unemployment benefits, economic impact (“stimulus”) payments, financial aid for COBRA health continuation coverage and a moratorium on evictions. Get ready: The rules are about to change again. The federally-declared “public health emergency”, which has been in place since early 2020, may be lifted as soon as October 15, 2022. The end of the emergency will mark additional rule changes – especially by ending guaranteed Medicaid continuation throughout the emergency, even for people who have technically lost eligibility for Medicaid.

This webinar will provide current updates on pandemic benefit rules and changes to prepare for when the public health emergency is lifted. The session will address:

· Medicaid after the public health emergency ends

· Emergency rental assistance programs

· The Homeowner Assistance Fund

· Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Emergency Allotments

· The Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit

· Financial aid to pay for private health insurance through the Affordable Care Act

· Student loan forgiveness for some borrowers with disabilities