WIP CEU Webinar Series Blindness Issues for Title II Disability and SSI: The Power of Political Persuasion


December 20 2022 1-3:00 pm EST

Have you wondered why many of SSA’s rules refer to “disability or blindness”? While blindness is certainly a disability, SSA rules treat it differently from any other disability. This is true because blind advocates were able to carve out special advantages for blind beneficiaries early in the history of the Title II Disability and SSI programs. The matter is complicated by the fact that some people can qualify for Title II or SSI based on vision impairments that don’t meet SSA’s definition of “statutory blindness”, but they can only use the more generous rules if they do meet this definition.

The training covers the key issues and differences for statutorily blind workers, including:

· Definition of statutory blindness

· How to establish blindness on SSA’s record

· Differences for blind SSI beneficiaries (assessing blindness, work incentives)

· Differences for blind Title II Disability beneficiaries (disability duration, insured status, SGA earnings guideline, SGA determinations, disability freeze, waiting period, SGA rules for blind workers aged 55 and older)

· Randolph-Sheppard Act (provides self-employment for blind workers in food service)