WIP CEU Webinar Series: Surviving Continuing Disability Reviews (CDRs): How to Keep Title II Disability Benefits During Work and Medical Reviews


People who get approved for Title II Disability benefits – often after appeals and long waits – usually breathe deep sighs of relief to have that nerve-racking ordeal behind them.  Little do they know.  Getting awarded a Title II Disability benefit is just the beginning.  SSA periodically conducts two kinds of reviews to determine whether eligibility for benefits can continue.  Work continuing disability reviews (CDRs) evaluate earnings and allowable deductions to determine which Title II Disability work incentive phase a person is in, and whether they remain eligible for benefit payments.  Medical CDRs consider whether a person has medically improved, and therefore, whether benefits should continue.


This webinar details work and medical CDRs – when and how often they are initiated, which forms and documents are used, tips for people whose work CDRs will determine they are performing SGA and the standard of proof used for medical CDRs.  The session also reviews two work incentives that can enable a person to keep Title II Disability or SSI benefits temporarily even if they have medically improved – the Ticket to Work and Section 301 – and how to prepare beneficiaries to use them, if necessary.