WIP CEU Webinar Series: Student Earned Income Exclusion: A Big SSI Work Incentive for Just Showing Up


The Student Earned Income Exclusion (SEIE) is smart public policy.  Numerous studies have shown that youths who get work experience during the transition years are much more likely to work as adults, and to depend less on cash benefits like SSI.  The SEIE provides a powerful incentive for students under age 22 who get SSI to try paid work.  This work incentive lets a student earn nearly $9,000 per year (in 2023) from work without reducing their SSI at all.  This generous rule encourages young students to gain work experience that is likely to help them be more financially independent as adults.


This training covers all the key details of the SEIE:


·      Who is eligible

·      The monthly and annual limits of the SEIE deduction from earnings

·      Which kinds of education programs qualify a student to use the SEIE

·      What “regular attendance” in school or a job training course means for the SEIE

·      Using the SEIE during vacations from school

·      How to verify to SSA that a student is eligible for the SEIE

·      How the SEIE is used when SSI deeming applies

·      Using the SEIE along with other work incentives