WIP CEU Webinar Series: Deem Me Up, Scotty: The Strange Practice of Counting Another Person’s Money for SSI Eligibility


The POMS defines deeming as “the process of considering another person's income and resources to be available for meeting an SSI claimant's (or recipient's) basic needs of food and shelter… Attribute deemed income and resources to the eligible individual whether or not they are actually available to him/her.”


How’s that for logic?


Deeming affects people on SSI who are (1) married to spouses who don’t get SSI, and (2) children under age 18 living with parent(s).  A portion of the spouse’s or parents’ income and resources is counted against the SSI recipient for SSI eligibility and payment purposes.  Deeming can make a married person or child eligible for less SSI…or none at all.  You probably knew that much.


But the specifics of SSI deeming are a mystery for most Work Incentive Practitioners.  This webinar dives deeply into the details, including:

·      When deeming applies, and when it doesn’t

·      Types of income and resources that can – or can’t - be deemed

·      Spouse-to-spouse deeming rules

·      Parent-to-child deeming rules

·      Impact of deeming on 1619(b) eligibility


Best of all, this training provides deeming spreadsheets for both spouse-to-spouse and parent-to-child deeming and walks you through some case examples.