WIP CEU Webinar Series: Expedited Reinstatement: Bringing Benefits Back from the Dead


Most work incentives provide protections for cash and/or medical benefits before cash benefits are terminated.  Expedited Reinstatement (ExR) is unique:  It lets a person get benefits back, without a new application, after they’ve been terminated due to work, if earnings later drop or stop.  ExR provides a quicker, easier way to re-start benefits, including Title II Disability, SSI, Medicare and Medicaid.  When Work Incentive Practitioners work with people who are able to earn enough to terminate their cash benefits, they need to understand ExR.


This webinar takes a deep dive into the details of ExR, including:


·      Who is eligible

·      How to request ExR

·      When the deadline to request ExR may be waived

·      Provisional benefits (up to 6 months of payments while waiting for a decision on ExR)

·      Impact of ExR on Medicare and Medicaid

·      Initial Reinstatement Period (a “waiting period” to get a new set of Title II work incentives)

·      When a person might choose a new application (initial claim) instead of ExR