WIP CEU Webinar Series: Representative Payees or Managing One’s Own Benefits: Help Me with (or Get Your Hands Off) My Benefits


March 19 2024 1-3 pm ET

A representative payee (or rep. payee) manages benefits from Social Security for a beneficiary who is not capable of managing the funds independently.  The proper role of rep. payees is often not clearly understood…even by rep. payees themselves.  Many beneficiaries need rep. payees, but many advocates believe that rep. payees are overused, and that many individuals who have rep. payees don’t need them - they could manage their own funds adequately.  In the course of your work, you are likely to encounter individuals who have rep. payees, but would like to (and are capable of) managing their own benefits.  You’ll also meet people who need payees, but whose payees are not doing a good job serving them.  You may be uncertain about how to interact with rep. payees; which issues should you address with them and which issues should you not?  What is a Work Incentive Practitioner to do?