NEW WIP CEU Webinar Series: Unsuccessful Work Attempts (UWAs): It’s As If It Never Happened


The moon landing.  Elvis’s death.  The existence of COVID.  Denial of actual events usually has negative causes, ranging from ignorance to malice.  But Social Security has a work incentive that actually makes it beneficial to deny an event.  An unsuccessful work attempt (UWA) is a period of work with SGA-level earnings that SSA agrees to erase and not count as SGA.  UWAs can enable individuals to either initially qualify for Title II or SSI benefits, or continue Title II benefits after the Trial Work Period, if a short-term work effort fails or earnings drop below SGA.


This webinar, filled with case examples, highlights these factors concerning UWAs:


·      Criteria for a UWA:

o   Limit on duration

o   Events that must precede and follow a UWA

o   Reasons for work discontinuing or dropping below SGA

o   Event after which a UWA is no longer possible

·      Interaction of UWA with other work incentives (Trial Work Period, Subsidy and Special Conditions, Impairment Related Work Expenses (IRWEs), Averaging)

·      How to document UWAs

·      How SSA evaluates possible UWAs

·      UWA case examples