NEW WIP CEU Webinar Series: Subsidies and Special Conditions: The Benefits of Lower Productivity


Subsidies and Special Conditions are double-edged work incentives.  On the downside, they broadcast that the work of an employee with a disability is not worth the full amount they are paid.  Also, an employee with a hidden disability must usually disclose their disability to their employer in order to document a subsidy.  On the upside, subsidies and special conditions can enable a worker with a disability to earn significantly more than the SGA level without performing SGA.  They are also easy to document and, unlike IRWEs, they don’t require the employee to pay for any expenses.  For most workers who may be eligible to use Subsidies and Special Conditions, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.


This webinar explores the rules and strategies for using these work incentives, including:


·      What is the difference between subsidies and special conditions?

·      Circumstances that indicate strong possibility of a subsidy

·      When a subsidy may exist in atypical circumstances

·      How to determine the value of subsidies and special conditions

·      How to document subsidies and special conditions

·      Interactions among subsidies and special conditions and other work incentives (Impairment Related Work Expenses (IRWEs), Averaging)

·      Case examples