NEW CEU Webinar Series: Impairment Related Work Expenses (IRWEs): Something for Everyone


September 17 2024 1-3pm ET

Impairment Related Work Expenses (IRWEs) are the ultimate multi-purpose work incentive.  IRWEs are the only deduction from countable income that can be used by both Title II and SSI beneficiaries, as well as Title II and SSI applicants who are working.  IRWEs do it all:  help keep earnings below SGA to enable Title II beneficiaries to keep their benefits (and working Title II and SSI applicants to qualify for benefits) and increase SSI payments for people who get SSI.


IRWEs are perhaps the most complex work incentive.  They function differently for Title II beneficiaries than for SSI recipients, the rules for determining which expenses qualify as IRWEs can be complicated, and determining when and how IRWEs may be deducted is often confusing.  However, IRWEs benefit so many people we serve that it’s well worth learning the details.