WIP CEU Webinar Series: Overpayments: As Certain as Death and Taxes


October 15 2024 1-3pm ET

When you provide work incentives counseling, some good things are bound to happen, like enabling people to earn more than they thought they could and to keep their medical benefits even if their cash benefits stop.  Unfortunately, some not-so-good things are also inevitable, like some people having overpayments.  Even when people report their earnings and do everything they’re supposed to, it’s almost impossible to completely avoid overpayments.  SSA is simply too overwhelmed to always stop or adjust benefit payments in a timely way.


But there’s good news.  You can help people decrease overpayments by reporting earnings, reduce or eliminate overpayments by using work incentives, negotiate reasonable repayment plans to make overpayments less painful, and even have some overpayments “waived”.  You just need to know the rules…and some loopholes.


This training covers:


·      How to reduce or eliminate overpayments by reporting earnings and requesting work incentive use

·      Asking SSA to stop or reduce benefit payments, when necessary, to keep overpayments from growing

·      Appealing overpayments

·      Requesting that overpayment determinations be “reopened” when appeals are not an option

·      Benefit adjustment to recover overpayments, and how to request that lesser amounts be withheld from benefits to repay overpayments

·      Installment payments to settle overpayments when benefits have stopped

·      Compromise settlements

·      How and when to request a waiver of an overpayment

·      Resources for helping with overpayments