Webinar Series

3-PART WEBINAR SERIES: Leading by Design


A three-part webinar series that looks at the impact of system responses to the social reality that faces people with disabilities.

Leadership, in the context of true person-centered practice,
is a “waking up to people’s capacities and the organizational
and systemic practices that devalue and demean those
capacities. Once leadership wakes us up, we face a choice.
We can go back to sleep, we can leave the field, or we can
join in inventing ways that bring us closer to our highest purposes.”
- John O’Brien (from Conversations on Citizenship
and Person-Centered Work, 2011. p. 114)

When positive change comes for people with disabilities, it’s
because people come to realize that most service organizations
have the tendency to engage in actions that avoid addressing
the social reality that faces people with disabilities.
This three-part webinar series invites participants to explore
what it means to be person-centered through a variety of
lenses. Each 90 minute session will offer a different contextual
framework in which to examine the degree to which
disability service organization designs lead to authentic
person-centered practice.
The webinar series is primarily intended for audiences
who are interested in understanding the influences of person-
centered service design and implementation in a system-
centered service culture. Those who influence decisions
that impact the lives of people with disabilities, particularly
in structured services and programs may find these webinars
most useful.

  • Executive Directors
  • Program Managers
  • Program/Service Coordinators
  • Advocates of Persons with Disabilities