Webinar Series

Benefits Planning for Transition-Aged Youth-YOUTH-C


Learn to counsel youth with disabilities to use work incentives as a tool for establishing careers, as you earn Cornell’s Youth-C credential!

You’ll learn about:

  • Work incentives that can specifically benefit youths
  • Calculating and tracking the use of these work incentives, and planning for periods of time when each may not apply
  • Using and understanding the BPQY to ensure a youth receives applicable work incentives
  • Counseling youths and parents about the benefits of work—and the benefits of work incentives
  • Financial tools to assist the youth and family as the youth begins work
  • Assisting with developing good money habits immediately when a job begins

Prerequisite: Either an up-to-date WIP-C™ credential from Cornell University or CWIC certification from Virginia Commonwealth University.

The class will be limited to 40 participants.